Make a Microloan for 7-yr old Lila's Health!

This loan is past-due.

Photo has been removed at parent's request.

First Posted On: July 27, 2009

Name: Lila

Age: 7 years old

Location: California, USA

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $3,000

Loan Needed For: 20 HBOT [hyperbaric oxygen therapy] dives

Repayment Terms: 18 months ($166.67/month).

Other Notes: Lila's mom writes, "Lila is an amazing 7 year old girl with autism presenting classically (DSM 299.00). She was diagnosed in Fall of 2005 at the age of two and a half and has been hard at work getting better since then. She follows DAN [Defeat Autism Now] protocol, is GFCF [gluten-free, casein-free], and has overcome challenges to gut, immune, and metabolic dysfunction that made her early entry into recovery pretty rocky. Lila has improved to a point where HBOT [hyperbaric oxygen therapy] is her last treatment we hope to yield some results that can get her over her sensory seeking behaviors, physical out-of-control-ness, and better her chances for social connection with peers. Lila has worked so hard to this point and has made some remarkable gains, and we feel she deserves the chance to recover. We believe the HBOT in addition to her 45 hours of weekly therapies including speech, occupational therapy, and behavior will further unlock her access to recovery!

For two years I have tried to raise the money for HBOT dives for Lila, but other medical/financial concerns have made it impossible for us to start the important protocol.

Lila needs HBOT now. We are seeking a $3,000 loan to get her started, and will take the dives though Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of Santa Monica, a vendor experienced in HBOT for autistic children. Help Lila exceed the limit she has hit in her recovery by lending toward this important treatment today!"

Reference Provided By: Dan S., Tina C., and Rodrigo G.

Lila's Community of Lenders:

Jenn (Jeremy's mom): $5 ["We are looking to start HBOT with our son also. Best of luck"]
Tom: $10
Amanda: $10
This family received a $500 gift from a friend, Lisa. The loan request has been reduced by $500.

Lyman: $25
Daniel: $5
Michael: $100
Timothy: $7
Ute: $200 ["I hope this helps your beautiful Lila. You are an awesome mama xo Ute"]
Janet: $25 ["What a great way to help others! So glad to participate."]
This family received a $75 gift from a friend, Lynne. The loan request has been reduced by $75.

Bonnie: $5
Lila: $10 ["How can I not send money for Lila. That's my name too and HBOT helped my son recover. Cinco De Linco! God bless."]
Rachel (Julian's mom): $5 [""Happy Cinco De Linco Lila" =)"]
Petra: $5 ["Cheers to a Cinco de Linco tornado!!"]
Sheri: $40 [Cinco de Linco]
Renee: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Jan: $25 ["Cinco de Linco TORNADO"]
Jessica P: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Thomas: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Lena: $15 ["You're awesome Lila!"]
Jeanne: $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco Lila!"]
Kristina (Jordan's mom): $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Dana C: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Grandma Gini: $5 ["First Cinco de Linco loan...from the Land of Lincoln!"]
Karen F: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Grandma Gini (again): $41 ["In honor of Chip's 41st birthday, August 6th."]
Dana C (again): $5
Daniel (again): $5
Tim & Beata: $25 ["Hi Lila, My wife Beata and I wish you the best. I know that the HBOT treatments will give great results and we want Lila to have a wonderful, fun-filled life. Love, Tim Terry/Nordic Naturals & wife Beata"]
Petra (again): $5 ["Just because, right now I can"]
Lynn: $100
Paula: $5 ["Good luck Lila. -Paula"]
Charlie: $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco"]
Elizabeth M: $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Grandma Gini (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln"]
Petra (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco. Treatment IS possible, enormous progress CAN be made!!!"]
Jennifer P: $37 ["For Tori's bday!"]
Michaela & Jaafar: $10
Mike, Jeanne, & Charlie: $43.50 ["Happy (belated) Bday Tori! We Love You! Also
$6.50 for lemonade :)"]
Grandma Gini (again): $13 ["Happy Grandparents' Day on September 13!"]
Hank: $10
Grandma Gini (again): $33 ["To celebrate Angela Skinner's 33rd birthday on September 19, 2009."]
Grandma Gini (again): $30 ["To celebrate Erika Hanna's 30th birthday on September 21st, 2009."]
Karen F (again): $5 ["October Cinco de Linco! Re-loan from Jaden's repaid loan!"]
Gail: $5
George: $10
Debbie: $5
Petra (again): $75 ["In honor of Jeanne's upcoming b-day, for Cinco de Linco, and because I will not stand by and let another mom lose hope."]
Philip: $10
Marcy: $10
Thomas: $15 ["love love love to Lila......."]
Sheryl: $5 ["Cinco de Linco. Happy Birthday Jeanne!"]
Aunty Ulla: $5 ["Cinco de Linco. Happy Birthday Jeanne!"]
Jeanne (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco!"]
Dana C (again): $5 ["Cinco de Linco!"]
Karin L: $5 ["Cinco de Linco for Lila!"]
Karen F (again): $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Petra (again): $10 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Karen F (again): $5 ["Cinco de Linco."]
Charissa: $5 ["Cinco de Linco. Happy Birthday Jeanne!"]
John: $10 ["Cinco de Linco. We were just discussing how lucky we were with our child. Who could not send money!"]
Alida (Alano's mom): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco Lila! May God bless your way to recovery!"]
Robyn: $5 ["Good luck Lila! I'll be praying for you."]
Scott: $50
Jan: $41.30 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Tiffany (Sevyn's mom): $7 ["Praying for you to get all the funding and support you need Lila! You're doing great and inspiring many! Much love to you and your family~"]
Grandma Gini (again): $30 ["To celebrate the birth of Katelyn Alessandra Skinner on Sept. 30, 2009 to Angela & Kyle Skinner & her sister Kennedy"]
Petra (again): $37.50 ["From Sabrina's repaid loan."]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["From Sabrina's repaid loan."]
Rama: $500
Charlie W.: $100
Grandma Gini (again): $20 ["To celebrate the marriage of Kelly Ann Trevisan and Adam Robert Clay on October l0, 2009, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania."]
Jeanne (again): $25 ["Happy Birthday Karen Fuller! Thank you for being such a big supporter of L4H! You're awesome! :)"]
Evan & Lisa: $5
Karen F (again): $10
Grandma Gini (again): $67 ["Celebrating good friend Lucy Kathryn's birthday on October l9, 2009."]
Karen F (again): $10
Anonymous: $86 ["Wishing you all the best, Lila!"]
Kristina (Jordan's mom): $20 ["Wishing you good luck."]
Jennifer M: $10 ["Someday soon I hope to start HBOT with my son, good luck to you and God Bless!"]
Evan & Lisa (again): $10
Diane: $50 ["Funds from repayment of Geoffrey's loan."]
Petra (again): $70 ["Passing forward from repayment on Geoffrey's loan. Go Lila, go!!!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $23 ["Celebrating Rebekah Clay's 23rd birthday on Oct. 20, 2009"]
Bonnie (again): $5 [From Geoffrey's repaid loan]
Marcy: $10
Stacie: $10 ["Rock that HBOT Lila!"]
Jeanne (again): $20 ["Almost there! Go Lila go!! :)"]
Jeanne (again): $8.70 [Re-loan from Geoffrey's repaid loan]
Joan: $65 ["Best of luck!"]


October 19, 2009: This loan has been funded!!!

October 23, 2009: Promissory note sent to Lila's mom for signature.

October 25, 2009: Signed promissory note received.

October 25, 2009: Loan of $2,425 disbursed via check in mail. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 18 months, beginning on January 15, 2010.

October 26, 2009: Thank you from Lila's mom:

Dear Friends and Lenders:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible generosity and caring you all have outpoured for my daughter Lila in loaning her the money to begin Hbot treatment here in California!

For years I have dreamed of being able to get her started with this after seeing our friends experience some incredible results with this therapy. It remains to be seen how Lila will respond, but we will post a video update if the results are good and we plan to move forward with more dives.

All of you, from the moms, to the friends, to the business people, receive a huge standing ovation from Lila and I and again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for investing in Lila's health! And Thank you to Tori for having Lend4Health!!!

February 2, 2010: The 1st installment (due January 15, 2010) has been marked past-due.

February 28, 2010: The 2nd installment (due February 15, 2010) has been marked past-due.

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December 7, 2010: The 10th installment (due October 15, 2010) has been marked past-due.

December 7, 2010: The 11th installment (due November 15, 2010) has been marked past-due.

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