NOTE: On September 17, 2015, all remaining outstanding loans (full and partially paid) were unilaterally forgiven by the founder of Lend4Health. Additionally, all remaining money in the Lend4Health account (from partial repayments from recipients, or refused/unclaimed repayments to lenders) was donated to the Thinking Mom's Revolution non-profit organization, TEAM TMR. The amount donated was $4,882.39. 

The founder of Lend4Health admits that she did not follow through on making partial repayments back to the lenders in the case of partially-repaid-then-defaulted loans, nor did she pursue robust debt collection from families who had stopped making repayments, or who had never made any repayments. (For clarification, ALL fully repaid loans WERE repaid to the original lenders.)

The founder of Lend4Health apologizes sincerely to the wonderful Lend4Health lender community for not holding up my end of the deal as I had promised. (Example: I had said that, if you loaned 5% of a loan that was later only partially repaid, you would get 5% of the repaid amount back. I also had said that I would send follow-up notices for 6 months after a loan had become due in order to pursue debt repayment. I did some followup, but I just didn't have the "heart" to be a debt collector.

It is my sincere hope, after much deep contemplation, that most of you will support my unilateral decision to pass these (your!) funds along to TEAM TMR so that you can "pay it forward" to help more kids. If you do not support this decision, I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Thank you so much to everybody for supporting Lend4Health and for amazing (and humbling) me time and again with your generosity and enthusiasm while helping strangers. If you have any questions, please let me know at I will keep this email address active for a while. Please accept my sincere thanks and good wishes for the future! --Tori

Statistics prior to Sept. 17, 2015:

Loans Funded & Disbursed: 98

Loans Fully Repaid: 63
Loans Partially Repaid & Partially Forgiven: 5
Loans Fully Forgiven: 2

Loan Amount Disbursed: $76,289
Amount Repaid and Redistributed to Lenders: $39,264
Repaid Installment Amount: $5,078.43
Loan Amount Forgiven: $5,037

Repayment Installments Due: 945
Repayment Installments Made Early or On Time: 578 (61%)
Repayment Installments Made Late: 159 (17%)
Repayment Installments Currently Past Due: 139 (15%)
Repayment Installments Forgiven: 69 (7%)