Make a Microloan for 3-yr old Kevin's Health!

This loan is being repaid.

First Posted On: August 11, 2009

Name: Kevin

Age: 3 years old

Location: Ohio, USA

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $475

Loan Needed For: Comprehensive stool analysis test ($330) and a microbial organic acids test ($145) from Great Plains Laboratory.

Repayment Terms: 12 months ($39.58/month).

Other Notes: Kevin's mom, Holly, writes: "Kevin is a beautiful little man who just turned three. He was officially diagnosed with autism on April 1 of this year...we hope that's the day he fools everyone and loses his diagnosis! When he feels well, Kevin is joyful and giggly. He is also a runner [ie., he runs away from them when he's not supposed to]. We are working on that - but to help him attend better, we need to be working on his gut issues! He still has 5-6 truly foul "spackle" diapers every day that are leaving his bottom red and chapped.

We started him on the GFCF [gluten-free, casein-free] diet in December of 2008 (pre-diagnosis...we really didn't need a doctor to tell us what was going on) and saw immediate cognitive gains. We were on the DAN [Defeat Autism Now] bandwagon pretty much immediately after that, albeit on our own with help from the internet. He started ABA [applied behavior analysis] therapy this summer and we saw more progress - joint attention, occasional interest in other children. We got in to see Dr. Nash this summer as well.

Kevin was a normally developing baby until he turned 7 months old. He had a grand mal seizure after receiving part 2 of his first (AND LAST) flu shot. After his hospital stay, he started to develop very dark circles under his eyes, appeared to "space out" frequently, and stopped meeting any cognitive or speech milestones.

We feel like there is SO much hope for Kevin to come back to us - he doesn't use more than 4 words on a regular basis, but he has said more words in this last week - and APPROPRIATELY, than ever before! He's starting to acknowledge his siblings. That's been torture, having his brother or sister offer him a toy and seeing him brush right past them as if they aren't there. Heck, I'd love it if he'd FIGHT with them every day!

We just want him to feel well enough to continue his therapies and benefit from them. We are paying out of pocket for pretty much everything at this point, and things are looking a little grim financially. I hope to become employed as a nurse aide within the next month, so that I can work evenings while my husband stays home with Kevin, our 18 month old daughter Maggie, and our 5 year old son Patrick. Thanks for reading our story...and good luck with your own stories!"

Special Notes: Holly learned about Lend4Health on the GFCFKids Yahoo Group.

Reference Provided By: Aimee O. and the office of Dr. Nash.

Kevin's Community of Lenders:

Mary & Cliff: $25
Petra (Salamander & Potatey's mom): $5 ["Just because, right now, I can."]
Heidi (Lil' Joe's mom): $5
Bonnie D: $20
Charlie: $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco"]
Grandma Gini: $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln"]
Petra (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco. Treatment IS possible, enormous progress CAN be made!!!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $13 ["Happy Grandparents' Day on September 13!"]
Rachel (Julian's mom): $13
Hank: $10
Karen F: $5
Paula: $5 ["I hope you feel better Kevin! Well wishes!"]
Tiffany (Sevyn's mom): $7 ["From Sevyn and Family Sweet little Kevin, We see the same sparkle in your eyes that is in our son's eyes~ he's recovering from autism and we believe in you just like we believe in him! Blessings to you and your family~"]
Liza: $5 ["Good luck in your quest!!"]
Liza (again): $5 ["Maybe we can get the donations completed by tomorrow!!"]
Amy: $50
Carson's Family: $10 [Re-loaned from Jaden's repaid loan.]
Jeanne (Charlie's mom): $5 ["Cinco de Linco!"] This is a re-loan from Jaden's repaid loan.
Renee: $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Anonymous: $272 ["because it's not really money, it's just energy circulating around. happy cinco de linco."]


October 5, 2009: This loan has been funded!

October 7, 2009: Promissory note sent to Holly for signature.

October 13, 2009: Signed promissory note received.

October 13, 2009: Loan of $475 disbursed via check in mail. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 12 months, beginning on December 15, 2009.

December 2, 2009: 1st repayment of $39.58 (due December 15, 2009) received, early.

February 3, 2010: 2nd repayment (due Jan. 15) has been marked past-due.

February 14, 2010: 3rd repayment (due February 15) received, early.

March 25, 2010: 4th repayment (due March 15) received, late.

April 13, 2010: 5th repayment (due April 15) received, early.

May 10, 2010: 6th repayment (due May 15) received, early.

July 2, 2010: 7th repayment (due June 15) has been marked past-due.

July 3, 2010: 8th repayment (due July 15) received, early.

October 5, 2010: 9th repayment (due August 15) has been marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 10th repayment (due September 15) has been marked past-due.

October 6, 2010: 10th repayment (due September 15) has now been marked late.

October 6, 2010: 11th repayment (due October 15) has been received, early.

December 7, 2010: The 2nd repayment (due Jan. 15, 2010) has been received. It has now been marked "late" instead of "past-due."

December 7, 2010: The 7th repayment (due June 15, 2010) has been received. It has now been marked "late" instead of "past-due."

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Tiffany said...

My Sevyn began to loose his skills after his DTap shot at nine months. He also reacted to his only other vaccination- the hepB at birth. We now see that he was still recovering from the HepB toxins when he had the DTap (tripedia) shot and that's when he stopped looking at our faces, lost the few words he had, and started spining himself in circles and banging his head instead of crawling. I am so sorry about your little Kevin having a similar injury from a shot! As soon as I can I'll contribute to your loan and I have been posting Kevin's profile link on FaceBoook hoping my friends will help him out as well as my boy! They look alike too~curly blode hair and hope filled blue eyes!! Our children can recover, they are recovering, healing, growing, and learning! I am here for you~we autism parents need to stick together!

Lend4Health Rocks! Thank you so much Tori!!