Make a Microloan for Avery & Anthony's Health!

This loan is past due.

First Posted: August 8, 2009

Name: Avery & Anthony (Photo: Avery - top; Anthony - bottom, in hat)

Age: 4 years old (twins)

Location: Mississippi, USA

Diagnosis: Autism (both)

Loan Sought: $750 [reduced from $1,000 on Dec. 16, 2009]

Loan Needed For: IgE allergy test from Great Plains for Anthony ($600); MB12 shots for both for 1 month ($100); and anti-fungal meds (nystatin and nyzoral) for Avery ($50)

Repayment Terms: 18 months ($41.67/month)

Other Notes: Avery and Anthony's mom, Tanya, writes, "Avery and Anthony are making great progress since starting the gf/cf [gluten-free/casein-free] diet....and supplements. They are taking Super Nu Thera, Nordic Naturals fish oil, Kirkman's probio-gold, extra zinc, magnesium, MB12 shots, and congenital brain formula. They are repeating words now. Anthony has shown the most progress, but Avery is moderately autistic whereas Anthony's diagnosis is PDD-NOS. They can drink from big boy cups and Anthony is learning to eat with a fork as well as use the potty (sometimes). These are huge strides since February. That is when they started supplementing. Their DAN doctor, Dr. Calaghan, is urging us to get testing done. We know we could have answers that would help our boys out but their daddy is giving it all he has as the sole provider. They will be receiving ABA [applied behavior analysis therapy] in the fall for the first time by Dr. Mark Wildmon. I can't tell you how excited I am for this. It is an answered prayer. I certainly appreciate what Tori is doing for these little "messengers from God." I honestly feel that these kids were sent to show me what really matters and what things we need to stop putting into our bodies and theirs that are making us all sick. God bless everyone and all of our ASD [autism spectrum disorder] angels."

Special Notes: This is the second Lend4Health loan request for Avery and Anthony. Their first was paid off on time and the family is considered to be in good standing on Lend4Health, so they are permitted to request this second loan. To read about their first loan request, click HERE.

Reference Provided By: References are not required for second-time Lend4Health loan requesters who are in good standing.

Avery & Anthony's Community of Lenders:

Petra (Salamander & Potatey's mom): $5 ["Just because, right now, I can..."]
Dana C: $10
Charlie: $10
Karen F: $5
Bob & Joyce: $25
Grandma Gini: $31 ["In honor of Jenni and Jake Peterson's 6th wedding anniversary on August 31, 2009"]
Charlie: $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco"]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln"]
Petra (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco. Treatment IS possible, enormous progress CAN be made!!!"]
Cathleen: $10 ["$5 each - Happy Bday Tori."]
Grandma Gini (again): $13 ["Happy Grandparents' Day on September 13!"]
Jeanne, Mike & Charlie: $100 ["We are SO sorry to hear about your home! :( Sending hugs to you all."]
Renee: $10
Robin: $10 ["Blessing to Avery, Anthony and family. We are all connected; pass it on when you are able to."]
Karen F (again): $5
Sheryl: $10 ["This is in honour of Charlie's great roadtrip. Love, Sheryl & Derek"]
Hank: $10
Jan: $100 ["In honor of my son Hank, who believes in the Lend4Health Org., and is inspiring others to do the same! God bless Avery & Anthony and their family."]
Jeanne (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco!"]
Tiffany (Sevyn's mom): $7 ["Blessings to this family~wishing the best in your recoveries~much love"]
Evan & Lisa: $10
Evan & Lisa (again): $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Jeanne (again): $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco!"]
Petra (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco!"]
Carson's Family: $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco"]
Alida (Alano's mom): $5 ["Avery & Anthony, may God bless you both on your way to recovery!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Happy 5th Birthday Kaya on Cinco de Linco, December 5, 2009."]
Joan: $25
Grandma Gini (again): $18 ["Celebrates Elizabeth Ann Blankenship's birthday on Dec. l8, 2009"]
Logan's Family: $10
My Mama's Love: $25
Cathleen (again): $150 [Re-allocated from Jonah's closed loan request.]
Patricia: $20 ["May the new year bring you even more progress and joy!"]
Meadowview Intermediate School: $81 ["Merry Christmas to Avery and Anthony from Kids in the Kitchen, Meadowview Intermediate School, Sparta"]


December 22, 2009: This loan has been fully funded! The amount funded was actually $770 instead of the $750 listed.

December 22, 2009: Promissory note sent to Tanya for signature.

December 28, 2009: Thank you note from Tanya: "You all have no idea how much this means to me. God bless you for your help and all the wonderful people who funded this loan. Everyone is always amazed when I tell them how Lend4Health works. My heart is touched! So, please tell everyone thank you and may all of you have a very blessed 2010."

December 28, 2009: Signed promissory note received.

December 29, 2009: Loan of $770 disbursed to Tanya via check in the mail. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 18 months, with the first payment due on February 1, 2010.

February 2, 2010: 1st installment (due Feb. 1) received, on-time. There was an overpayment of $7.22, which will be applied to the final installment.

April 12, 2010: 2nd installment (due March 1) has been marked past-due.

April 12, 2010: 3rd installment (due April 1) has been marked past-due.

June 4, 2010: 4th installment (due May 1) has been marked past-due.

June 4, 2010: 5th installment (due June 1) has been marked past-due.

July 27, 2010: 6th installment (due July 1) has been marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 7th installment (due August 1) has been marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 8th installment (due September 1) has been marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 9th installment (due October 1) has been marked past-due.

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