Make a Microloan for 3-yr old Izaiah's Health!

This loan request was closed on 1/1/10, without being funded. Please see the "Updates" section below for more information!

First Posted On: December 1, 2009

Name: Izaiah

Age: 3 years old

Location: Tennessee, USA

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $1,000

Loan Needed For: First DAN! doctor appointment on December 23, 2009 ($320). The remainder will be for tests, and possibly supplements, recommended by the doctor.

Repayment Terms: 18 months ($55.56/month)

Other Notes: Izaiah's mom, Moranda, writes, "Izaiah has changed my life more than I ever thought imaginable! He brings joy into my life during the toughest times. Having such a loving little boy to come home to everyday could very well be one of the only things that keeps me going.

Since he was right about 1 year old, I had that itching feeling that something was not quite right, but I brushed it off. Family members would mention "Boys just don't develop language as quickly as little girls, he'll catch on!" I remember when someone first asked me if I thought it could be autism. "No way! Look at how happy he is! He just looks so normal. He's so affectionate, don't all children with autism hate to be cuddled?" If only someone could have told me back then how WRONG those stereotypes are!

Fast forward until August 19th, 2009. At the end of Izaiah's appointment with the developmental pediatrician, I am too scared to say anything, so I wait for him to speak first. "Izaiah is autistic." I must have look stunned, because the next thing he says is, "Are you surprised?" I want to scream! "Am I surprised?! I've been looking for an answer for two years! Everyone was so sure there was NO WAY he could be autistic!" On the drive home was when I realized it... they all knew. All of the Early Intervention aides knew, the teachers, the speech therapists, they all knew. Why didn’t they just tell me?

Since that day Izaiah has been working hard towards a full recovery! He was chosen to receive donations from a local fundraiser to receive Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, and I am so thankful for that. He only receives 4 hours a week, but that's 4 more hours than I could afford! He loves to slide and go to the park, especially this time of the year when he can throw leaves! He loves to play the drums on our Wii, and he loves going to see his grandmother. He is just learning to point to things, and he loves pointing out anything with numbers and letters! At 3 years and 2 months old, Izaiah is still completely non-verbal, but even though he can't say it with words, I KNOW how much he loves me!

I am pursuing Biomedical treatment because after reading so many great recovery stories and books about Biomedical treatment, I am certain it is a key to unlock the mysteries of autism! Izaiah has been on the Gluten and Casein free diet for 4 months already! We made slow progress until he had every trace eliminated from his diet, switched shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, everything!

We need this loan because without it there would be no way for Izaiah to continue on a path towards recovery with a Biomedical approach. Unfortunately, I am not able to come up with the money that would be needed for this appointment, especially around the holidays.

If I could get just one thing for Christmas, It would be for Izaiah to be able to have this appointment!"

Reference Provided By: Connie O., Tiffany S., and Gary K.


December 22, 2009: An individual from Moranda's grandmother's church has gifted this family the amount needed for Izaiah's appointment tomorrow (December 23). Moranda has decided to close out this loan request and has invited her lenders to re-allocate their funds to another family on Lend4Health.

January 1, 2010: This loan has been officially closed.

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