Make a Microloan for 4-yr old Olivia's Health!

This loan has been repaid in full!

First Posted On: July 10, 2009

Name: Olivia

Age: 4 years old

Location: Florida, USA

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $2,000

Loan Needed For: Down payment on an HBOT [hyperbaric oxygen therapy] chamber for their home. Because of the amount of time it takes to keep up with the HBOT treatment and the other treatments she is involved in, the family believes that a chamber at their home makes better sense than going to their DAN! doctor's office for treatments. The family has found a unit for $8,000 and would like to use the $2,000 loan as a down payment, and then finance the rest through Healing Dives.

Repayment Terms: 24 months ($83.33/month)

Other Notes: Olivia's mom, Angie, wrote: "As a parent we want the best for our children. We want to give them every opportunity to succeed and make a positive impact on the world. When we received the devastating news that Olivia was officially diagnosed with Autism our world came crashing down. But out of the rubble of our shattered dreams for her, came a new desire and will to make her whole again and give her a voice. We gained a new strength and fight. We have seen her make incredible gains and come so far. She is slowly becoming the person she was meant to be. We know that we will get there.

We want the best for her.

We insist on getting our child back and will stop at nothing until this is accomplished. Unfortunately this journey to recovery comes with a heavy price tag. We have liquidated all of our accounts and gone into extreme debt, and yet we are still on this road.

We want the best for her. We can not give up. We are now asking for your help. We would like for Olivia to be able to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is very costly but even more beneficial and necessary on her road to recovery. We are looking to raise enough money to pay for a down payment on an HBOT chamber for Olivia. We are asking that you contribute whatever you can, to help Olivia. This is only a loan and will be repaid. Thank you for all of your help and support on this journey. With your help we will get the best for her."

Reference Provided By: Kathy H., the office of Dr. David Berger, and Brent H.

Olivia's Community of Lenders:

Kristen: $10 ["HBOT was VERY beneficial to our little girl in her recovery. I wish Olivia and your family continued success with her treatments."]
Angie: $5 ["We love you! Hugs from Bellzie!"]
This family received a gift of $500 from Fran. The ChipIn goal amount has been reduced from $2,000 to $1,500.

Brent: $10 ["For our Liversnaps. Love, Brent & Laura (and Anna, too!)"]
Kevin: $25
Will: $50
This family received a $5 gift from Anna P. outside of Lend4Health. The loan request has been reduced by $5.

This family received a $1,000 gift from Henry outside of Lend4Health.

Angie's parents have offered to help this family pay for the rest of the money for the HBOT -- not just the remaining loan amount, but money for the entire HBOT purchase!


July 17, 2009: This loan has been funded! Woo hoo! The full amount of the loan is $100. The remaining $1,900 was gifted to the family! Wow!

July 17, 2009: Promissory note sent to Angie for signature.

July 17, 2009: Signed promissory note received from Angie.

July 17, 2009: Loan of $100 sent to Angie via PayPal. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 3 months. The first loan repayment is due August 15, in the amount of $33.33.

August 14, 2009: 1st repayment of $33.33 received, early.

September 18, 2009: 2nd repayment of $33.33 received, 3 days late.

September 19, 2009: Update from Angie: "We are so happy to say that the hyperbaric chamber arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Olivia has been in each day, increasing the time with each visit, she is up to 45 minutes! She loves it and we are super duper jazzed! She started on a new antifungal in late August. Since then she has made huge improvements. She is answering questions, naming colors, writing her name, putting the alphabet in order and has a vocabulary of about 1,000 words now! We have been so busy with it, but a good busy. She is back at her Montessori preschool this year, and loving it. She is participating in class and having a great time. Things are just peachy here. I am attaching a pic of her in the chamber, what a big girl!"

October 16, 2009: 3rd and final repayment of $33.34 received, on-time.

October 16, 2009: This loan has been repaid in full! This family is considered to be in good standing on Lend4Health. As such, they are eligible to request another loan in the future if they would like.

October 16, 2009: Lenders have been repaid their original loan amounts via PayPal.

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