Make a Microloan for 7-yr old Levi's Health!

This loan has been repaid in full!


First Posted On: March 28, 2009

Name: Levi

Age: 7 years old

Location: Vermont, USA

Diagnosis: PANDAS/PDD

Loan Sought: $900 [amount is approximate; it is expected it will be reduced after family can confirm costs of tests with doctor on Monday, March 30]
Final loan amount: $758

Loan Needed For: (1) 3 months of B-12; (2) stool test; (3) organic acid test (urine)

Repayment Terms: One lump sum, 12 months after loan fulfilled.

Other Notes: Levi's mom, Christel, writes, "Levi had a diagnosis of severe autism at 22 months old, and has since been doing biomedical treatments. He moved his diagnosis to PDD-NOS [Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified] and was only one point from being ON or OFF the autism spectrum at all (as of October 2007) thanks to biomedical. However, he has PANDAS, which throws him off into a backslide quickly. We are in a tailspin right now with many changes of moving to a new state, new school, new church, new friends, new house, etc, and we are watching his immune system bottom out with the stress. We are having to let some supplements go due to finances.

We are needing to run a comprehensive stool test and organic acid test on our son with our DAN! [Defeat Autism Now!] doctor and do not have the money for it, as well as order his B12 that he has run out of. He is in the middle of some sort of regression after moving and stress at home, and we are needing to get to the biomedical source of it all...and get him back! He has been doing so well for so long and it's so hard to lose him all over again! I have helped the autism community for years and find it very humbling to ask for help from them in return in our time of need. I just can't stand to see him so helpless all over again. Thank You." Levi's DAN! doctors are Jeremy Baptist and Jeffrey Wulfman.

Special Note from Lend4Health founder, Tori: Christel is a very active and extremely helpful participant on several online autism-related groups, including the GFCFKids Yahoo group. It was based on my participation on this group that I founded Lend4Health in June 2008.

Reference Provided By: Tori T.

Levi's Community of Lenders:

Daniel: $30
Janice: $10
Duda Missionary Ministry: $10
Laurie: $10
Stephanie: $10
Tammera: $10
Tori: $25 [Loan made from Delia's repaid loan.] This loan was made outside of ChipIn, so the ChipIn goal amount has been reduced by $25.
Sheri: $40
Fidel: $40
Heather D: $16 [re-loan from Delia's repaid loan] This loan was made outside of ChipIn, so the ChipIn goal amount has been reduced by $16.
Patty: $25
Jennifer M: $25
Rebecca: $50
Melinda: $50 [This loan was made outside of ChipIn, so the ChipIn goal amount has been reduced by $50.]
Patricia: $50
Joel: $10
Lori: $10
Joe: $5
Jean and David: $25 ["What a wonderful way to help families! Christel you are a wonderful advocate for your child, it is important to do anything and everything you can and the humbleness that you display is an inspiration to all mothers. We will be praying for Levi and your whole family, as well as the other families mentioned here in Lend4Health. God Bless!"]
Martha: $25
Jeanne: $17 [loan made from Brock's repaid loan] This loan was made outside of ChipIn, so the ChipIn goal amount has been reduced by $17.
Wendy: $25 [re-loan from Brock's repaid loan] This loan was made outside of ChipIn, so the ChipIn goal amount has been reduced by $25.
Diane: $20 [re-loan from Brock's repaid loan]
Will: $25 [re-loan from Brock's repaid loan]
Harold: $25
Karen M: $50
Noel: $25 [re-loan from Brock's repaid loan] This loan was made outside of ChipIn, so the ChipIn goal amount has been reduced by $25.
"NeverEatsKittens": $5
Laura: $25
Karen F: $5
Barbara: $20
Danielle (Kosta's mom): $5
Erin W: $10 ["from Erin W. on GFCF Yahoo group"]
John: $25 ["Thanks for doing this. My wife and I were glad to be able to chip in for Christel. Her advice and wisdom have helped my family a lot. I wish we could do more for her."]


April 2, 2009: This loan has been funded! The final amount of the loan is $758.

April 2, 2009: Promissory note sent to Christel for signature.

April 4, 2009: Check for $235 sent via mail to Doctor's Data for stool test.

April 4, 2009: Check for $235 sent via mail to Dr. Jeremy Baptist's office for urine test.

April 4, 2009: The remaining amount of the loan ($288) will be sent to the family for the B-12 shots. I will not disburse this check until the signed promissory note is received.

April 13, 2009: Signed promissory note received.

April 15, 2009: Loan of $288 sent to Christel via check. This loan will be repaid in one lump sum, due on April 15, 2010.

April 20, 2010: The lump-sum repayment of $758 has been marked past-due (due April 15, 2010).

April 20, 2010: Message for lenders from Christel:
Levi is doing well and making great progress holding gains and making bigger jumps in the last month. His language has increased to telling detailed stories, talking on the phone, more independence in showering on his own and picking out his clothes etc.

FAMILY UPDATE, In Jan our family was forced from the home we were trying to buy for the last year through short sale/foreclosure, as it flooded with sewer water and the owner disclosed he had no home insurance on the place, leaving the house condemned and unsellable. When we moved out we found the WHOLE house was filled with black mold and it was a blessing that we didn't buy it. We have since been in a hotel looking for a new place to live (praise God WE had renters insurance) and are planning to close on a place in mid May. Terribly the last year has been a very hard one on us between the owner taking off with a bunch of our money and us fighting to get things back as he is now filing for bankruptcy making it more complicated to get back. The process of being homeless as well has strapped us more, leaving us temporarily unable to pay back our loan until we get settled and do our tax return and get our first time home buyer credit. We are sorry we have found ourselves in this situation, tying up others' monies, but have no other way around it right now. But you are first on our list to pay off as we get settled and this money finds its way back to us.

Please pray with us as we transition that Levi does well. He is excited about his new school and his health has improved GREATLY since we have left the moldy house. Thank you everyone for making it possible for us to get emergency meds, as they were so desperately needed and for having a bit more patience with us while we try and get life settled...Christel

April 22, 2010: An anonymous lender has made a $75 repayment on this loan as a gift. The remaining amount due is $683.

July 28, 2010: The remaining amount due on this loan ($683) has been repaid. This loan has now been repaid in full!

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Anonymous said...

thank you everyone, for working so hard to help get our son the help and testing and suppliments he is needing, it is SO appreciated and great to see so many people behind us helping us out
christel king