Meet Our Giveaway Winner, Elizabeth Miller!

Between November 10-16th, 2008, anybody who made a loan on Lend4Health was entered to win an autographed copy of Jenny McCarthy's new book, Mother Warriors, which documents the stories of several parents who recovered their children from autism using biomedical treatments. We had 18 entries, and my husband drew a name out of a hat (okay, it was a cereal bowl)! The winner was (drum roll) ... Elizabeth Miller of Santee, California! Elizabeth is mom to Carolyn, who is mom to Jason (whose loan was fully funded today!) I asked Elizabeth to share a little bit about who she is with the Lend4Health community and how autism has impacted her life. Here is what she wrote me, in her own words...

Hi Tori,

Thanks for letting me know I won. I look forward to reading Jenny's latest book. I love the title, "Mother Warriors" because that is exactly what a mom of an autistic child must be in order to see that her child receives the best education and most complete biomedical treatment.

I heard about Lend4Health from my daughter Carolyn. Lend4Health is such a brilliant idea. The cost of treating a child on the spectrum is overwhelming and knowing that others care and are willing to offer help through donations to Lend4Health reassures us that people do care and are trying to make a difference.

I chose Jason [to lend to] of course because he is my grandson. But he is also a remarkable little boy; bright, curious, and always happy to visit his Meema. His smile lights up his face when he sees me and gives me a hug. He just melts my heart. One day soon I hope to hear Jason say, “Meema, I made a friend.”

He has tremendous potential which we see slowly emerging as his treatments progress. He is such a trooper -- taking his supplements, avoiding the foods he shouldn't have and enduring more doctor appointments and therapy sessions than any child should have to.

Since Jason was diagnosed I have read extensively about autism and am extremely alarmed that more has not been done to eliminate mercury from our foods and of course our vaccines. I want the best for my children and grandchildren and it saddens me that Jason has to suffer because of the toxins that have no right being in our food, water, air and especially our vaccines. I speak out to others about the harm that toxins such as mercury are causing in our children. And to be sure, my senators and representatives now know how I feel about funding for education and medical coverage for those children on the spectrum as well as the need to deal with the toxins in our environment.

Carolyn is a one of those Mother Warriors and I am very proud of her and her husband Jeff because they are giving their all to see that Jason becomes the best that he can...unfortunately at great financial costs.

Thank you again for all the work you put into this project.

Elizabeth Miller


Dana C. said...

Very well said, Elizabeth! Congrats on the book!!

Lisa said...

Your grandson is beautiful Elizabeth. Thank you for helping this cause!