Make a Microloan for 2-yr old Alani's Health!

This loan has been repaid!

First Posted On: November 9, 2008

Name: Alani R.

Age: 2 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $491 [used to be $500 but DAN! doctor is giving 5% discount for all follow-up visits for patients who go through Lend4Health].

Loan Needed For: DAN! doctor follow up visit $171 (with 5% discount from DAN! doctor), comprehensive food allergy test $229, probio gold supplement $29.50, calcium powder $12.50, vitamin C powder $16.00, Enzyme complete $20.00, and magnesium cream $18.50

Repayment Terms: 12 months (~ $40.92/month)

Other Notes: Alani's mom writes, "Alani is a beautiful little girl who at her young age is not only the center of my life but my inspiration. She is the strongest little person I know. Since we started the GFCFSF diet, Alani’s eye contact has improved significantly. She has almost stopped waking up at night and her sensory seeking behaviors have decreased. When we first met our DAN! doctor, Alani was 15 months old. She had very limited eye contact, irregular bowel movements, and was sick with a cold every two weeks in addition to all the other medical problems that go along with Autism. Currently, Alani has begun to develop some speech, her eye contact has improved, and her smile brightens up everyone’s day. It has taken us almost 6 months to complete all the blood tests since money is a huge obstacle at the moment. However, every time a blood test needs to be run, Alani knows the routine and cooperates all the way without any crying or losing her beautiful smile. We still need to test for food allergies and to follow up with our DAN! to review her lab results. We are very hopeful for Alani’s recovery since she is responding well to her treatment. So here I am today praying that we can get some assistance through Lend4Health to continue Alani’s treatment and buy her monthly supplements during these tough times. Thanks and god bless all of you who are helping our children recover." Alani's DAN! doctor is Dr. Bhakta at the Orange County Integrative Medical Center.

Alani's Lenders (this is not updated in real-time):

Dana C: $5
Gloria: $30
Janet: $100
Eduardo: $200
Petra: $15
Louie: $50
Margaret: $20
Tiffany (Summer's mom): $20
Petra: $25
Lisa: $26


November 20, 2008: Alani's loan has been fully funded!

November 21, 2008: Promissory note sent to Alani's mom for signature.

November 25, 2008: Signed promissory note received.

November 25, 2008: Loan for $491 sent to Alani's mom via PayPal. Repayments will begin on January 15, 2009.

December 29, 2008: Update from Alani's mom, Jannett: "Hello Tori. I just wanted to provide a quick update on Alani. We completed the lab work and met with her DAN. Lab results showed severe infammation of the gut and high yeast off the charts. Her results were so high that the DAN thinks it might be Chron's disease. We are waiting for the holidays to pass so we can take her to a GI doctor. Furthermore her oxalate levels are also high so we will be starting a low oxalate diet along with her gfcfsf diet and I am thinking of removing yeast as well. I am little overwhealmed right now so I am just going to do the low oxalate diet first. Alani was given Diflucan and she will be on the antifungal for 3 months...she can only get compounded meds from now on. We see our DAN again on January and at that time we will find out what is the next step to take. Moving on to better news...Alani is talking more. She is able to request items such as milk, cookie, tree on (christmas tree lights on he,he), Crayon and paper etc. We are seeing lots of improvement and she is more alert and affectionate."

January 16, 2009: First repayment of $40.92 received (on-time).

February 8, 2009: Second repayment of $40.92 received (one week early).

February 14, 2009: Third repayment of $40.92 received (one month early).

February 14, 2009: Fourth repayment of $40.92 received (two months early).

February 14, 2009: Fifth repayment of $40.92 received (three months early).

February 14, 2009: Sixth repayment of $40.92 received (four months early).

February 14, 2009: Seventh repayment of $40.92 received (five months early).

February 14, 2009: Eighth repayment of $40.92 received (six months early).

February 14, 2009: Ninth repayment of $40.92 received (seven months early).

February 14, 2009: Tenth repayment of $40.92 received (eight months early).

February 14, 2009: Eleventh repayment of $40.92 received (nine months early).

February 14, 2009: Twelfth repayment of $40.92 received (ten months early).

February 14, 2009: This loan has been fully repaid! (10 months early!) This family is considered to be in good standing with Lend4Health and is eligible to request another Lend4Health loan in the future if they'd like.

February 14, 2009: All lenders have been reimbursed their original loan amounts via PayPal.

April 16, 2009: Update: "Alani is doing well so far. She had some regression in behavior (the terrible two's kicked in he,he) but thankfully we got it somewhat under control. She started on M-b12 shots and she is now a little chatter box. We also got her yeast under control but we are still working on bringing down her gut inflammation. We have made the decision to make our household entirely GFCFSF to make it easier on everyone."

October 27, 2009: Update: "Alani is doing great. She is attending a typical preschool classroom and has made two good friends. Although she is language delayed and her articulation is not so clear nothing has stopped her from becoming a a little chatter box. We are in the process of transitioning to the District from our Regional Center so Alani has been through some evaluations to determine her current functioning level and current diagnosis. I am almost certain that she will be categorized as high functioning since she has been doing great lately. Health wise her DAN has been pleased with her progress. We also just found out that her gut inflammation is finally under control and that her yeast has not returned as we had thought. I will let you know how everything turns out after Nov 10th."


Anonymous said...

I have faith in God you will talk and get better.
Love, your Grandma Janet

Alani's Mom said...

I want to take the time to personally thank every single one of you who helped put my daughter’s loan together. I will be forever grateful to you. Thanks for your trust and be assured I will repay this loan and will come back to pay it forward.