Make a Microloan for 4-yr old Summer's Health!

This loan has been fully repaid!

First Posted On: August 5, 2008

Name: Summer

Age: 4 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $497

Loan Needed For: Biomedical tests from Metrametrix labs -- the organic acid profile and the porphyrins profile.

Repayment Terms: 6 months (~ $82.83/month)

Other Notes: "Summer is a sweet, happy girl who is nonverbal," says her mom, Tiffany. "She is VERY vocal but cannot form words. She is very smart and understands much. She started with the biomedical treatment in January of 2008 and has done GREAT! We are looking to take the next step to help pinpoint exactly where she is deficient. She has so much to say, and we can't wait until the day where we finally will be able to understand our baby! Everyone who knows her loves her. She has such an infectious laugh, you cant help but be happy around her."

Loans Received as of 1:10pm EDT Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Willem: $50
Cami: $100
Cathleen: $50
Jan: $297

Amount Loaned: $497!! YAY!
Amount Still Needed to Receive Loan: $0!!!


August 13, 2008: Promissory note sent to Summer's mom for signature.

August 24, 2008: Summer's mom sent the promissory note but it got lost in the mail. Another copy is being sent.

August 28, 2008: Promissory note received.

August 28, 2008: Loan of $497 sent to Summer's mom, Tiffany, via PayPal.

September 2, 2008: First loan repayment made in the amount of $82.83. [early]

October 14, 2008: Second loan repayment made in the amount of $82.83. [3 days late]

November 7, 2008: Third loan repayment made in the amount of $82.83. [early]

December 1, 2008: Fourth loan repayment made in the amount of $82.83. [early]

January 2, 2009: Fifth loan repayment made in the amount of $82.83. [early]

January 30, 2009: Sixth and final loan repayment made in the amount of $82.85. [early]

January 30, 2009: This loan has been fully repaid. Tiffany is considered to be in good standing with Lend4Health and is able to request another loan if she ever wants to.

January 31, 2009: Loans repaid to lenders Willem, Cathleen, and Jan. Cami's email is being returned undeliverable. I AM LOOKING FOR CAMI!!!

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Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on how your sweet girl is doing.
Blessings to your family,
(blessed mom to Carson)