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First posted: August 26, 2008

Name: Delia

Age: 2 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $400 [loan reduced 9/6/08 from $800 because family is now receiving outside help for purchasing enzymes]

Loan Needed For: To pay for two months' worth of supplements as recommended by her DAN! doctor (Dr. Geeta D. Jayaram) and her natropath. These are: Digestive Enzymes (2 bottles/month, $25.95), Gluten Ease (2 bottles/month, $27.96), DHA Flax Oil ($12.99), Primadophilus ($16.99), Colloidol Silver Hydrosol ($16.99), Neuro Relax Drops ($20.00), Yeast Free Spray ($19.99), Candidase Enzymes ($26.95), Multi-Vitamin Compound ($55.56), Calcium/Magnesium Compound ($51.87), and Methyl B-12 Injections ($85.87, one bottle every two months).

Repayment Terms: One lump sum on March 31, 2009.

Other Notes: Delia's mom, Shannon, writes: "Delia is my only child. She is the sole joy of my life. My family means the world to me. Delia has had a lot of problems since she was born, but being my only child I just thought -- and was told by Doctors for a long time -- that it was normal baby/toddler behavior. Delia was never really smiley as a baby, she had severe Colic, constant ear infections, and she would not respond to noise. She was never a loving child, never wanted hugs or kisses, she never babbled like other babies. I just thought this was a natural part of her individual development. When she turned one, she started becoming really secluded and only wanted to play by herself in a corner undisturbed, never responding to her name or talking. That is when I made sure to bring a lot of attention to her Doctor about her symptoms. He sent me to see an Ear Specialist, and a Neurologist. Delia had to get tubes put in her ears from all the fluid that had built up in her ears from her constant infections. After that she started to talk a little bit, which made us so happy, but she is still a couple months behind and cannot communicate her needs. We were hoping that the ear problems were the answer, but when we saw the Neurologist she confirmed my worst fear and told me Delia had Autism. She now works with Birth to Three, which is a program of Therapists that come to our home to work with Delia’s individual Autistic challenges. They have been a great help to me and Delia; she just loves when they come over and play with her. They have also been a big help with getting us a second opinion from a Child Psychologist, but unfortunately she also diagnosed Delia with Autism. Delia has a Speech Therapist, a Developmental Therapist, a Child Psychologist, and an Occupational Therapist that works with her on her Sensory Integration Disorder. She has a lot of sensory issues that go along with her Autism. She is afraid of loud noises like noisy stores or sirens. She is afraid of elevators and public restrooms; she will throw horrible crying fits if she is presented with any of these, and it breaks my heart. I can’t take her to parades or carnivals because of the loud noises and she is afraid of the rides. She is also stated to be Sensory Seeking, which means that she craves sensory play all day long -- she can’t get enough of it. I do brushing therapy on her every two hours to give her sensory sensation, and I do some sort of sensory play with her every hour. She is on a lot of different medications/suppliments to help make her better, and they are doing such a good job. She has made so much progress in her speech, and she is finally comfortable to go up to a child like she wants to play, whereas she would never want anything to do with other kids before. She is a very smart little girl, and even her Birth to Three workers are amazed at how much the medications are helping her so fast. I am so proud of my daughter she is incredible, she is a fighter and the light of her family’s life. She is going to make a really great adult one day. She still has a good ways to go before she is all better, but she is coming along and I couldn’t be happier. The thing that plagues us is how much the medications cost each month for us. It is starting to put us into debt. It is hard to afford all of our household bills plus about $400.00 in treatments a month. I really don’t want to have to take her off of any of them for fear that she will regress. I don’t want that at all -- not after all the success I have seen. It would break my heart. I am fighting with Social Security right now because they denied her. The lawyer that took her case said it would be 15 months before we would get a court hearing and that it would be a tough case to win because they don’t like to give Social Security to kids with Autism until they get into school and they see if they need Special Education or not. Delia will be going to a special needs Pre-School when she turns three, but I don’t know if that will make a difference in her case or not. I’m not asking for all you have, we have no help and really do need some for our daughter. I am just asking you if you could just please give anything you can to help us out to help pay for some of her medications. We would appreciate it so much. We have hit so many dead ends trying to get a little help that anything is a great gift for us. I appreciate this website's help, and I appreciate anyone who decides they would like to help our little girl. Thank you."

Loans Received as of 9:30am Friday, September 12, 2008

Summit to Sea: $25
Sean: $5
Laurie: $10
Anonymous: $20
Dana: $5
Megan: $5
Petra: $10
Uma: $10
Ethan, Alex, & Megan: $5
Heather: $16
Diane: $20
Petra: $9
Dana M.: $30
Running 4 Lend 4 Health: $5
Tori: $15
Dana C.: $10
Diane: $190

Amount Loaned: $400
Amount Still Needed to Receive Loan: $0!!!


September 12, 2008: Promissory note sent to Delia's mom for signature.

September 13, 2008: Signed promissory note received.

September 13, 2008: Loan for $400 sent via PayPal.

March 27, 2009: Loan fully repaid via PayPal, four days early. This family is considered to be in good standing on Lend4Health and, therefore, is welcome to request another loan at any time in the future.

March 27, 2009: All original loan amounts have been sent back to the lenders via PayPal.

March 27, 2009: Update and thank you from Delia's family:
We're really thankful for lend4health, it helped us A LOT when we needed the money for Delia's treatments. I'll include some pics of what we bought for her and (if I can find the prices) just how much all this stuff costs. We COULD NOT have done it without your help and lend4health! It was also nice that you've been around for us to talk to for support and you always sent us different things to check into, we really appreciate everything that you personally have done for us, Tori!

And for an update on Delia, at one point she was considered fully autistic, but now she's on the high functioning end of the spectrum. This is in big part due to the treatments we were able to buy for her, all her vitamins and everything that lend4health helped us pay for. We are also lucky enough to have a good group of therapists that are able to come work with her every week, without them we wouldn't have many of the methods and practices we use to work with her through certain aspects of autism. Overall, we feel we have a good bit of control of the situation now and can head into a good and more stable direction.

The photo of supplies I'm sending to you are in most cases supplies for a few months of treatments. Everything is somewhat expensive. We were able to give Delia supplements and necessary vitamins for about 3 or more months based on the money raised at lend4health. There's also a more recent picture of Delia.

Thank you so much! We'll be in touch with you.

- Jeff, Shannon and Delia


Delia's Mommy Shannon said...

I would like to thank everyone so much for the donations you have made towards my daughter medications :) My family is so grateful.

Anonymous said...

Delia is just beautiful! I am happy to read her update!

Laurie in Minnesota

Mister Zero said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the update! Thanks again to all who helped out and lenders, and many many thanks to Tori and Lend4Health!!!!!