Make a Microloan for 9-yr old Arthur's Health!

This loan has been paid back in full.

First Posted On: August 17, 2008

Name: Arthur

Age: 9 years old

Diagnosis: Autism/ADHD

Loan Sought: $419

Loan Needed For: Lab work recommended by Arthur's DAN! [Defeat Autism Now!] doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Wulfman, that the family's insurance won't cover, as well as a six-month supply of HLC Mindlinx probiotics that were recommended to them. The stool test is $139.00, the urine test is $120.00, and the probiotics are $160.00.

Repayment Terms: 18 months (~ $23.28/month)

Other Notes: Arthur's mom, Jenn, wrote the following: "Arthur is an amazing kid who has been casein-free for the last month and a half. We've seen such great improvements in him! He's no longer only having 1 BM a week; now it's 1 a day - YAY!!! He's also no longer wetting the bed, and he has shown HUGE gains in eye contact that even the staff at summer school noticed (not knowing he had started the diet). He has two little brothers who drive him nuts, but he's great with them. We are partners in my family's organic dairy farm (Vermont), and the boys all love the animals, but most of all Arthur loves them. If Medicaid doesn't cover something, we usually can't afford to pay it all at once like the lab companies want. We aren't looking for a handout, we just want some help to help our son. I'm desperate to make him feel good!"

Loans Received as of 12:30am Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kristi: $15
Julee: $25
Lynn, Laurey & Jagger: $20
Willem: $50
Marion: $15
Sara: $50
Lissa: $244

Amount Loaned: $419 !!!!
Amount Still Needed to Receive Loan: $0 !!!


August 20, 2008: Promissory note sent to Arthur's mom, Jenn, for signature.

August 21, 2008: Jenn writes of Arthur's DAN! doctor appointment: "We had a great visit with the doctor, he said in his opion Arthur is much more settled and has much better eye contact as well as having an easier time carrying a conversation [since going casein-free]. So that was huge, but he got the results of the blood antibody test and since he was off the charts in both casein and gluten, going GF is our next big step. And after the tests are done we'll see about the yeast issues and heavy metals!"

August 21, 2008: Signed promissory note received from Jenn.

August 21, 2008: Loan for $419 sent to Arthur's mom, Jenn, via PayPal.

August 25, 2008: Note from Jenn: "Well I ordered the Mindlinx [probiotics] this morning and Arthur's urine test is off to France for the heavy metal test. The stool sample will have to wait a day or two since he goes for a colonoscopy tomorrow and is on meds to help him clean out, not sure if it would effect test or not, don't want to take the chance!"

September 10, 2008: First repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

September 11, 2008: Note from Jenn: "We just got the results of Arthur's urine test today and it came back positive for mild to moderate mercury poisoning, still waiting to hear from the stool test. Then the Doctor's plan is to address yeast issues if they show up but only after we wean him from his risperadal, then we'll dicuss detox solutions! Since going GFCF we've already been able to wean him from one prescription med, now I'm looking forward to getting all that stuff away, maybe by this time next year he won't need his ADHD medicine!"

October 13, 2008: Second repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

November 7, 2008: Third repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

December 4, 2008: Note from Jenn: "OK we finally got Arthur's stool test results back, and they show he has a parasite, as well as a type of yeast (not candida). And his bacterial levels are all over the place. So after talking to Dr. Wulfman today, we're going to treat the parasite, then the yeast, and then look towards detox.

December 10, 2008: Fourth repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

January 12, 2009:
Fifth repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

January 30, 2009: Update from Jenn: "Arthur continues to do amazing, we just took 4th place in his Special Olympics bowling tournament, our team of 4 -- Arthur and I, my friend Jess and her son Sky (Arthur's best friend, also with autism). Arthur and Sky were the youngest in the division!"

February 11, 2009: Sixth repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

March 15, 2009: Seventh repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

April 10, 2009: Eighth repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

May 26, 2009: Ninth repayment of $23.28 (due May 20) is past-due.

June 10, 2009: Tenth repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 9, 2009: The May 20th repayment was received. It is now marked "late" instead of "past-due" in the site statistics.

July 9, 2009: 11th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 12th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 13th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 14th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 15th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 16th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 17th repayment of $23.28 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: 18th repayment of $23.24 made (early!)

July 15, 2009: This loan has been repaid in full! This family is considered to be in good standing on Lend4Health and is eligible to request another loan in the future, if they would like.

August 2, 2009: Note from Jenn: "I wanted to share with you all the news that I am officially a college student now, I'm all enrolled and registered for classes that start in Sept. for Early Childhood Education. I'm really excited but nervous too, it's been 14 years since I got done with high school. I will be going full time, and have received plenty of financial aid to cover tuition, fees, books, and materials. I have also spoken with the preschool that my boys attend and they have agreed to let me do my community education piece there. So if everyone will keep their fingers crossed for good grades lol :-) ---Jenn"


Jenn said...

This is Arthur's mom Jenn, I want to thank you all! I've been battling tears all day since Tori emailed me to let me know Arthur was up on the site! It's so nice to find people who want to help after having people say "no" the minute they hear biomedical. Thank you all and bless you! ---Jenn

Jenn said...

Hi Jenn again, I can't believe how generous people are. Arthur goes to see his DAN doctor today and I can't wait to tell him we can get the testing done! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

lisa said...

Hi Jenn, thanks for the updates. This is some exciting stuff and we're 'pulling' for you!!!

jlevi2 said...

Thank goodness for all the generosity you have here. As a friend of Arthur and his Mom Jenn I am so pleased to see the wonderful changes happening for Arthur. !!!!

Better and healthier everyday!

Keep up the good work!

~ Jessica Mom to a nine year old recovering from Autism/Mercury poisoning since 2002 (* and yes he is always doing better and better*)

Tiffany said...

I am so inspired by this story!! Thank you for sharing and best of luck with your current loan needs. Love,
tiffany (sevyn's mom)
Lend4Health Rocks!! Thank you TOri!!