Make a Microloan for 8-yr old Evan's Health!

This loan has been partially forgiven and partially repaid

First Posted: August 3, 2010

Name: Evan

Age: 8 years old

Location: Ohio, USA

Diagnosis: Autism, seizure disorder, immune deficiency

Loan Sought: $1,000

Loan Needed For: Follow-up appointments with DAN! [Defeat Autism Now!] doctor. (Monthly in-office appointments are approximately $280/hour; phone consults are approximately $100.)

Repayment Terms: No payment for 6 months after loan is fulfilled, then 12 monthly payments ($83.33/month).

Other Notes: Evans's mom, Andrea, writes, "Evan is an adorable, outgoing little guy who loves water play, horseback riding, playing outside, swimming and music. He is 8 years old. He is very affectionate and gives hugs and kisses when his tummy doesn't hurt. He enjoys going to school too as he enjoys learning. He is unable to talk due to his apraxia, but he uses his PECS and communication device very well. He is very bright and resourceful and is full of potential!

I would like to receive a loan for Evan to help us bridge financially the next 2-3 months of his continuing biomedical care. My husband has been unemployed since November 2009 and is starting his new position in September 2010. Until we get back on track financially, we will have a hard time paying for our doctor appointments. He is receiving IV IG treatments and needs frequent doctors visits to monitor his progress, and make adjustments to his care as he continues to thrive and improve with the IV IG. The loan will help us through this final stretch of economic hardship and allow us not to interrupt Evan's biomedical care.

Thanks to 7 months of IV IG, his seizures have been almost fully controlled when before he had as many as a 100 a day. His behaviors are minimal now and he can function very well in his environment and community. What a dramatic positive change the IV IG has been for him when nothing else worked!"

Reference Provided By: Nancy R., Mary Ann C., and the office of Evan's DAN! doctor.

Evan's Community of Lenders:

Karen (Jordan & Logan's mom): $5
Grandma Gini: $20 ["In memory of Ev Riordan's birthday Aug. 4; from Jaden's repaid loan"]
Shirley: $20
Renee: $10
Grandma Gini (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln"]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates the 6th birthday of Lilly Grace Blankenship Aug. 7, 20l0. CHEERS!!!"]
Kris: $20
Abdus: $10
Anonymous: $20
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates the 39th wedding anniversary of Sandi & Bob Wilson Aug. 22, 20l0. CHEERS!!!"]
Sun Valley Tech Solutions: $196 [Re-allocated from Will's closed loan]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates the 59th birthday of Jeff Myers on Aug. 27, 2010. CHEERS!!!"]
Bahar: $5 ["I am 8 years old too. I hope you feel better soon!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates the 8th wedding anniversary of Angela & Kyle Skinner Aug. 3l, 20l0. CHEERS!!! (from Irene's repaid loan)"]
Dr. Matt: $100 ["I am challenging doctors from all specialties to Lend4Health."]
The 5 Lunsfords: $25 [Cinco de Linco!]
Karen F: $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Melinda: $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Grandma Gini (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln (from Irene's repaid loan)"]
Cathleen R: $15
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates Tori's 38th birthday Sept. 6, 20l0. CHEERS!!! Keep smiling! (from Irene's repaid loan)"]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates the 59th birthday of Mike Connelly Sept. 24, 20l0. CHEERS!!!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln"]
Karen T: $5
Devin: $20 [Loan made at DAN! Conference in Long Beach, CA]
Timothy: $2 [Loan made at DAN! Conference in Long Beach, CA]
Twyla: $1 [Loan made at DAN! Conference in Long Beach, CA]
Peter: $20 [Loan made at DAN! Conference in Long Beach, CA]
Stephanie: $1 [Loan made at DAN! Conference in Long Beach, CA]
Charlotte: $20
Cyndy: $10
Michelle O: $10 [Re-loan from Raymond's repaid loan]
MaryBeth: $5 [Re-loan from Raymond's repaid loan]
Kristina (Jordan's mom): $25 [Re-loan from Raymond's repaid loan]
Petra: $10
Karen T (again): $5
Joan: $25
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Celebrates the 6th birthday of K on Dec. 5, 2010. CHEERS!!!"]
Karen F (again): $22 [Re-loan from Kosta's repaid loan]
Karen T (again): $25 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
John: $10 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Jana: $11 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Petra (again): $45 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Karen F (again): $90 [Re-allocated fromMilo's closed loan]
SpectrumHope.com: $20 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Shirley M: $5 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Jessica P: $15 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Bonnie (Jaden's mom): $5 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Jeannette: $27 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
MaryBeth: $10 [Re-allocated from Milo's closed loan]
Kathleen B: $10


December 11, 2010: This loan has been fully funded!

January 18, 2011: Promissory note sent to Andrea for signature.

January 20, 2011: Signed promissory note received.

January 21, 2011: Loan of $1,000 disbursed to Andrea via check in mail. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 12 monthly installments of $83.33, beginning on August 1, 2011.

NOTE: Evan was tragically hit by a car and is currently recovering from multiple severe injuries, including to his brain. Upon learning of this, many of his Lend4Health lenders forgave their portions of the loan, and Dr. Devin Houston of Houston Enzymes covered the loans for those who did not contact me. This means that this loan was partially forgiven ($635) and partially repaid by Dr. Houston ($365).


Andrea (Evan's mom) said...

Thank you for your support!!

Andrea (Evan's mom) said...

Grandma Gini, thank you!!! Yoou are so, so helpful!

Andrea said...

Thanks for everyone's support!!!! We are getting there!