Make a Microloan for 11-yr old Ezekiel (#2)!

This loan is past-due.

First Posted: April 20, 2010

Name: Ezekiel

Age: 11 years old

Location: Texas, USA

Diagnosis: Autism, Epilepsy

Loan Sought: $500

Loan Needed For: Travel costs to DAN! doctor (Dr. Rao) appointment on April 30, 2010 (gas for 300-mile trip @ $110; 1 night hotel @ $65; special diet food cost $60; cost to hire replacement for husband's work for 2 days @ $240). This loan also will cover 3 months of supplements recommended by Dr. Rao.

Repayment Terms: 6 monthly repayments ($83.33/month)

Other Notes: Ezekiel's mom, Rebekah, writes, "Ezekiel is a true soldier. He was diagnosed with Asberger/ADHD at age 4 1/2, autism at age 5 1/2. At 5 yrs old he spoke in jumbled words, not coherent. He ran in circles, holding a stick, 6 hrs a day. I could not hold him, he did not respond to my voice; noises terrified him. I was told to institutionalize him. We started the [GFCF] diet, and lowered some lead levels, and his speech came back organized, he gained eye contact and play skills. At age 7 1/2 he started having grand mal seizures. They were fully controlled only 6 months ago. He has lost a lot in development, but we have a very intensive therapy program that is bringing him up to age level developmentally. He has always loved horses, and horse therapy has always been a part of his life. He loves his Border Collie and pocket beagle, and takes care of them well. He plays games with his 2 siblings. He is in a boy scout group. He reads very well, and loves learning about animals. He tells jokes and stories about when he was younger, and describes his feelings. He plays basketball with his dad. He is learning to play piano. He swims. He has eye contact. I feel like crying. It has been such a long journey. After 3 years of serious seizures, it is a miracle that he is here with us. I want to encourage other parents to never give up...to always hope, and give it all you have, it is so worth it. Everytime he smiles at me, talks to me, plays... it is all a miracle (and lots of hard, hard work.)

We have had a difficult time balancing paying for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) premium and copays for compounding medication (our son has seizures with any added ingredients), costing us $375 and $150-$200 a month, and keeping up with vitamin/supplement needs. We need to keep our BCBS because our son shows immune system and IgG dysregulation at times, and we are trying to catch him off enough to get the insurance to pay for IgG IV's. Also, BCBS is covering a lot of biomedical testing (ie., Great Plains).

We have treated our son with an antiviral/B-12 shot protocol over the last 3 years, with tremendous improvement. We've also treated with the gluten- casein- soy- free diet and allergy diet for 5 yrs, as well as vitamins/minerals and airborne allergies. The last 6 months though, we have serious yeast, constipation, and gut bacteria, as well as not sleeping, or waking every hour all night long, and increasing OCD and anxiety, aggression. We saw Dr. Rao 6 months ago, and did a telephone consult 3 months ago. Lab work is indicating that Ezekiel may have PANDAS, and low dose antibiotics have been lessening the OCD and anxiety. Also, Ezekiel has tested high lead/mercury in the past. His immune system is stronger now, and his seizures under good control. Our son is not responding to prescription antivirals and antifungals as well as he was. We want to discuss a natural approach to infection control, as well as immune strengthening. We also want to discuss the Usman protocol to heal the gut better; and starting a mild chelation.

Dr. Rao has already requested we put Ezekiel on Enhansa, Klaire labs probiotics, and SB as well as vitamin D drops when we had a telephone consult. We have not been able to afford beyond the prescription medications (antiviral and anti yeast), the Nu Thera, mineral, cod liver oil, and B-12 shots each month. Our son has recovered so well, despite the ongoing gut issues.

The last time we saw Dr. Rao, he saw Ezekiel smiling and interacting; he said "We have definitely turned a corner." This year the seizures have been controlled, and he gained 7 lbs and 1.5 inches. He is reading, riding a scooter, in boy scouts, conversing and joking, and playing board games. We are moving forward. Since we want to take some next big steps, it would be good if we could see Dr. Rao in person.

Our appointment is April 30th. We have been with Dr. Rao since Ezekiel was 7. He is very wise and careful, but always moves us forward. He attends the DAN conferences and knows the latest treatments for such issues as sleep, PANDAS, etc."

Special Notes: This is this family's 2nd loan on Lend4Health. Their first loan was in the amount of $328. It was repaid, partly from gifts by others, but it was repaid after the due date. To read more about this family's first Lend4Health loan, click HERE.

Reference Provided By: References are not required for previous Lend4Health loan recipients.

Ezekiel's Community of Lenders:

Robyn: $25
John: $10
Patricia S: $25 ["Best wishes. Hope you can make the trip!"]
Jeanne: $25 ["Best of luck!"]
Joan: $35
Karen F: $20
Grandma Gini: $50 ["Celebrates Justine's 8th birthday April l7, 2010"]
Jan: $100
Cathleen: $100 ["re-loan from previous paybacks all lumped together...good luck"]
Karen T: $20
Frank: $90


April 22, 2010: This loan has been fully funded!

April 22, 2010: Promissory note sent to Rebekah for signature.

April 22, 2010: Loan of $500 sent to Rebekah via check in mail. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 6 months, beginning on June 1, 2010, with a payment due of $83.33.

July 2, 2010: 1st repayment (due June 1) marked past-due.

July 27, 2010: 2nd repayment (due July 1) marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 3rd repayment (due August 1) marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 4th repayment (due September 1) marked past-due.

October 5, 2010: 5th repayment (due October 1) marked past-due.

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