Make a Microloan for 7-yr old Dazmen's Health!

This loan has been fully repaid!

First Posted On: January 14, 2009

Name: Dazmen ("Daz")

Age: 7 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $494

Loan Needed For: Annual membership (+ one-time registration fee) for Autism Action Plan (www.autismactionplan.org). [Note: Autism Action Plan is a new website from DAN! doctor Kurt Woeller that provides access to information and tools, and to Dr. Woeller himself via video chat and parent forums. Austim Action Plan is a new Lend4Health partner and will be providing Dazmen's family (and any interested Lend4Health families) with a $169 rebate the month after they register. This essentially will count as their first 4 monthly loan repayments.]

Repayment Terms: 12 months (~ $41.17/month)

Other Notes: Dazmen's mom, Elizabeth, writes: "My son is a beautiful seven year old who has severe Autism. He does not read or write and his language skills are very low. His inability to communicate clearly causes him high levels of frustration. A recent hair analysis showed toxicity of aluminum and mercury in his system. Last year we started Dazmen on a gluten-free casein-free (GFCF) diet because he would break out in welts and neither his pediatrician nor the hospitals could tell me why. I know a DAN! doctor could help him. I just do not have the income to take him and his insurance will not cover it. He has been in therapy since he was 2 and it is clear that our babies need more than therapy. They are physically ill and DAN! doctors know what to do. Help me help my son. With a hopeful heart I beg you and thank you." Elizabeth learned about Lend4Health from Nikki, co-founder of the PEACE autism support network in Florida.

Reference Provided By: Alicia S. and Diascono G.

Dazmen's Community of Lenders [not updated real-time]:

Romina: $25
Petra: $10
Michelle: $20
Karen: $5
Jeanne: $10
Chrissy: $5 [From sale of Lend4Health t-shirt!]
Anonymous: $50 [For Jake]
Christine: $10
Tommie Lee: $350
Rolf: $9


January 27, 2009: Dazmen's loan has been fully funded! Yay! :)

January 27, 2009: Thank you from Dazmen's mom, Liz:

I'm so thankful...
Who knew today was the day?
Impatiently I've waited for a turning point to arrive;
the day when the answers would became attainable.
Who knew that my prayers would be answered by people
I don't even know. Thank you for your help and for giving us hope.
My son will begin his healing Thanks to all of you that have reached out so quickly through Lend4Health. Kindest Regards, Liz, Dazmen and family.

January 28, 2009: Promissory note sent to Liz for signature.

February 7, 2009: Signed promissory note received from Liz.

February 8, 2009: Loan of $494 sent to Liz via PayPal.

February 18, 2009: Update from Liz: "I will take Dazmen to see his new primary care Doc. tomorrow. Thanks to you and my membership with AAP [Autism Action Plan.org] and Dr. Woeller I am now better equipped to present a plan to Dazmen's new doctor. I hope he is open to suggestions. Pray for us."

February 25, 2009: Update from Liz: "It [the appointment with Dazmen's new primary care doctor] was real good. I presented the new doctor with Dr. Woeller's plan. He was very open and willing to try anything that would possibly help Dazmen. I was very relieved. Dazmen will have the first set of labs done in four weeks. I can't wait."

March 20, 2009: 1st repayment installment of $41.17 received (5 days late).

March 20, 2009: 2nd repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 20, 2009: 3rd repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 20, 2009: 4th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 20, 2009: 5th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 20, 2009: 6th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 20, 2009: 7th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 20, 2009: Partial ($36.81) repayment of 8th installment received. Amount due remaining on this installment is $4.36.

March 22, 2009: Remaining amount of 8th installment received.

March 22, 2009: 9th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 22, 2009: 10th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 22, 2009: 11th repayment installment of $41.17 received (early).

March 22, 2009: 12th repayment installment of $41.13 received (early).

March 23, 2009: This loan has been repaid in full. This family is in good standing on Lend4Health and, therefore, is eligible to request another loan in the future, if they would like.

March 23, 2009: The original loan amounts have been sent back to the lenders via PayPal.

March 23, 2009: Note from Liz: "Thanks Tori, you have made such a positive difference in our life. I don't have the words to explain how much relief I feel to finally be past that hurdle. We are definitely moving forward. Thanks to you and all the lenders. I'll keep you posted on Dazzy's progress. Kindest regards, Lizzie"

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