Your Vote Is Still Needed! Help Lend4Health Win $10,000!

My Idea
Here's a way that you can support Lend4Health and keep paying it forward . . . with no money involved! Just click on the box above and vote for Lend4Health to win $10,000 in an online contest on IdeaBlob! That's right, $10,000!!!!

As of Sunday morning, October 5th, Lend4Health was in THIRD place in this week's IdeaBlob "sprint." If Lend4Health can rise to first or second place and stay there until this week's sprint ends on Tuesday the 7th, we will automatically be put into the October monthly showdown which starts on the 22nd. In the showdown, all votes will be wiped clean and Lend4Health will compete against 7 other ideas. And if we get the most votes then....we win!!! $10,000!!!

If you believe that Lend4Health can make a difference, please take a minute to click and vote! Your vote will help us be able to continue to help recover these great kids! THANK YOU!

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