Thank You! Lend4Health a Finalist in IdeaBlob Contest!

[originally posted on 10/7/08]


I know that so many of you voted to bring Lend4Health into the top 2 on IdeaBlob, and we made it in!!!! Lend4Health will be put into the final showdown with seven other leading ideas. Voting for the final winner of the $10,000 will begin on 10/22 and will end on 10/31 (get out the vote during Trick or Treating)!

All the votes will be erased, so all of the eight ideas will start from the same spot. And then we have 10 days to go absolutely nuts-o and get everybody we know to vote for Lend4Health to win the $10,000. No doubt the other seven ideas will be doing the same, so we need to pull out all the stops and make it happen!!!!!

So we have from now till then to figure out how to get this done. To do so, I have set up a Lend4Health Twitter account specifically for the purposes of strategizing our win!!! Join me @l4h!

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