Looking for New Loan Requests!

I am ACTIVELY looking for new loan requests! We currently have NOBODY on the site to make loans to, and people are itching to make loans.

We are entering a very busy time for Lend4Health, with the IdeaBlob contest coming into full swing on 10/22-10/31 (you can pledge your vote here!) and with the DAN! conference in San Diego on 10/24-10/27 (at which I will be telling everybody about this site). It would be a shame to have people come here only to find no "action" and no open loans.

What am I looking for?
- About 10 loan requests (more would be great)

- Amounts ranging $0-$500 (these are best as they seem to move more quickly, but I will happily consider other amounts)

- Repayment schedules of 3-12 months (these are the best as they keep money moving through the system, but I will happily consider other schedules)

- Definite needs rather than vague requests (e.g., a test your child could benefit from having, a DAN! doctor visit, a supply of costly probiotics or B12 shots that you need but can't figure out how to afford, travel to your DAN! doctor (gas, hotel, airfare), etc) Lend4Health is best suited to help with specific things that will help you start out on biomedical, help you continue your journey, or help you get over a "hump" in your path.

Who can apply?
Anybody! Although part of my goal with Lend4Health is to help people afford biomed who otherwise couldn't, another part of my goal is for the biomed community to come together and serve/help each other. Even people who have good salaries and can "afford" biomed are using their credit cards to do so. WHY should we be paying high interest rates to banks and going into debt when we can take care of each other here on Lend4Health? And once it's paid back, the money can be re-lent to other kids. Like a big snowball, we can help each other recover our kids -- by ourselves and in our own way!

How do I apply?
Fill out this form --> click HERE. We check 3 references to make sure you are legit, but we do not check credit history. This is all based on trust and community. I don't care about your FICO score.

What if my money is burning a hole in my wallet RIGHT NOW?
If you really, really can't wait until a new loan request is posted here and you are just SO in love with Lend4Health, I gladly welcome your donations! Your money will specifically be used to cover PayPal fees. (I'm working on a way for this not to be an issue in the future.) Click on the button below to make a non-tax-deductible donation to Lend4Health (THIS IS NOT A LOAN FOR A CHILD).

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