Make a Microloan for 10-yr old Marcellus' Health!

This loan has been fully repaid!

First posted: July 29, 2008

Name: Marcellus Scott

Age: 10 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $500

Loan Needed For: Fees for First DAN! Doctor Visit (Dr. Layton)

Repayment Terms: 3 months

Other Notes: "Marcellus is a great, loving child," his mom, Danna, says. "He is great with both his 2 year old sister and his 12 year old brother. He has never needed any types of medicines, but I think between puberty coming up as well as the autism....it is too much." Danna's co-worker Aimee also has a son with autism and has seen great gains with her child using the biomedical approach. She encouraged Danna to seek out a DAN! doctor and try biomedical treatment for Marcellus as well. This loan request is a result of that friendship and support.

Loans Received as of 7:40pm EDT Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kristi: $35
Jeannine: $10
Willem: $50
Steve: $50
Dhun: $10
Dana: $20
Catherine: $128
Mike & Michele: $10
Petra: $25
Anonymous: $25
Anonymous2: $10
Paula: $30
Petra: $97

Amount Loaned: $500!!! Woo hoo!
Amount Still Needed to Receive Loan: $0!!


August 10, 2008: Promissory note sent to Marcellus' mom for signature.

August 11, 2008: Signed promissory note received from Marcellus' mom.

August 11, 2008: Loan for $500 sent to Marcellus' mom via PayPal.

September 9, 2008: I spoke with Marcellus' mom, Danna. Marcellus' DAN appointment was scheduled for September, but they were overbooked, so they got rescheduled for October 27. I offered to Danna that she defer her monthly repayments until after they go to the DAN (since that's what the loan was for). It just seemed strange to me to have to start repaying the loan before they even got to use it. She took me up on my offer, so the loan will now be paid back in 3 monthly installments starting October 30th instead of this month. I hope that's okay for all the lenders. And, by the way, Danna is sad about the rescheduling because she said Marcellus is getting worse and she is feeling "lost." So please send positive thoughts to Danna to help get her through till Oct. 27th.

October 28, 2008: I emailed with Danna today. Marcellus had his first DAN! appointment yesterday. Here's what she said about it: "It went very well. Of course the first thing they want to change is his diet. There are lots of tests that have to be taken but I definitely think there will be progress. I am very happy!!"

October 31, 2008: First repayment installment of $166.67 received. Repayment was a little less than 10 hours late, but I am going to count it as "on time" since it wasn't a full day late. [If anybody disagrees with this, please let me know. I want our statistics to be accurate and transparent.]

The November 2008 repayment is past due.

The December 2008 repayment is past due.

January 10, 2009: Danna wrote to me and apologizes to her lenders for missing the last two repayments. There has been illness with one of the other children that have kept her focused elsewhere. She plans to pay back the rest of the loan by sending $100 every two weeks. I responded that this was okay. There is $333.33 remaining on the loan.

February 11, 2009: Danna sent $100 of her November 2008 repayment. $66.67 is remaining. I will count this as "late" (instead of "past due") in the site statistics once the $66.67 is received.

February 19, 2009: An anonymous person has paid the $66.67 remaining on Marcellus' November 2008 repayment. The November 2008 repayment is now considered "late" instead of "past due." This person wrote, "This is a gift from someone who is praying for you and felt led by the Holy Spirit to help you."

November 12, 2009: Danna sent $63.00 of her December 2008 repayment. The amount remaining due on the December 2008 repayment is $103.66. This repayment will be marked "past due" until the full repayment has been received.

December 31, 2009: Danna has sent $63.00 more of her December 2008 repayment. The amount remaining due on the December 2008 repayment is $40.66. This repayment will be marked "past due" until the full repayment has been received.

February 18, 2010: The remaining amount due ($40.66) has been received. This loan has now been repaid in full! The December 2008 repayment has been marked "late" instead of "past due."


Anonymous said...


I am going to loan $125 to you also. I don't know why my transaction isn't going through. I will have to check again tomorrow.


Petra said...

OK, I just 'went in' for the remaining amount. I hope his mom will now be able to make that appointment. May this appointment give her some guidance in getting started with biomed (and as I have a 10 year old with ASD going into puberty as well.. let's just say I can relate to Marcellus' mom on a variety of levels).

Best of luck, keep us posted.

Petra said...


My apologies. Have not had a chance to get directly in touch with you. In case you're checking here, I AM thinking of you and Marcellus. I have a 10 year old myself who's entering puberty.. and well, things get *interesting* when that happens. Hang in there, I will be directly in touch as soon as I can. One quick thing I want to toss out while you wait for the DAN! appointment. Have you started making some changes to Marcellus' diet (as I am pretty sure the DAN! will want that). If you haven't, try to get started on that. And take it slow - one snack, one meal at a time, otherwise you are going to drive yourself (and Marcellus) crazy. More thoughts to follow..

Danna said...

I first would like to thank everyone for your continuos support. I would also like to thank the anonymous person who helped me with a payment. It is and has always been my intentions to reapay the loan. I am so appreciative of all the help from lend 4 health. Marcellus is doing great with the new plan and we are seeing more and more improvements everyday. But with every solution another problem arises. One of the reasons that I have become late is because we have recently found out that my 3 year old has extreme allergies in addition to exzema. We have considered a bubble but decided against it LOL (have to keep my sense of humor to keep from going crazy)Just to give you an idea not only does she have seasonal allergies and the normal ones like mold but because of her exzema no acidic stuff (sodas, oranges things like that) but no soy, wheat, strawberries, eggs, corn (and you wouldn't belive the amount of things that have corn syrup in them) and that is not even half way complete. Thanks to Tori we have visited Whole Foods and that helps out with her and Marcellus. We are getting there. Once again thank you guys for everything and I pray that in the near future I can help with someone elses loan.