Make a Microloan for Elisha & Ethan's Health!

This loan has been repaid in full!

First Posted On: August 4, 2009

Name: Elisha & Ethan (siblings)

Age: 4 & 2 years old

Location: California, USA

Diagnosis: Autism (both siblings)

Loan Sought: $810 [reduced from $1,900 on 11/23/09]

Loan Needed For: Organic acid test (urine) for each child ($480) and comprehensive stool analysis test for one child ($330)

Repayment Terms: 18 months ($45/month).

Other Notes: Elisha & Ethan's mom, Abigail, writes, "Meet my kids Elisha and Ethan, both were diagnosed with autism. They are my life and it's just so heartbreaking to see them struggle just with everything. They've been on the GFCF [gluten-free, casein-free] diet for a year now, Elisha has just started her B12 shots, and Ethan will have his shots soon. I have been doing the best I can to help my kids, but I just can't do everything at the same time, because there's two of them. I am asking for this loan for tests. I am praying that there will be people out there with a good heart to extend their help for Elisha and Ethan. Thank you and GOD bless you..."

Reference Provided By: Nikki M. (ABA teacher) and Stacey B. (speech therapist)

Elisha & Ethan's Community of Lenders:

Jeanne: $20 ["Happy Cinco de Linco Elisha and Ethan!"]
Petra: $10 ["Cheers to a Cinco de Linco tornado!!"]
Sheri: $40 [Cinco de Linco]
Renee: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Kristina (Jordan's mom): $10 ["Cinco de Linco times 2"]
Janine: $10 [Cinco de Linco]
Jan: $25 ["Cinco de Linco TORNADO"]
Rebecca: $10 ["Happy Cinco De Linco!"]
Jessica P: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Dana C: $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco"]
Grandma Gini: $10 ["First Cinco de Linco loan...from the Land of Lincoln!"]
Karen F: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Grandma Gini (again): $82 ["In honor of Chip's 41st birthday, August 6th."]
Eden: $40 ["Happy Belated Cinco de Linco Day in honor of Jeanne"]
Anonymous: $50
Petra (again): $5 ["Just because, right now I can."]
Grandma Gini: $40 ["In honor of Erik Peterson's 4th birthday on August 19, 2009."]
Grandma Gini: $40 ["In honor of Karl Peterson's 2nd birthday on August 20, 2009."]
Karen F (again): $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Charlie: $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco"]
Thomas: $5 [Cinco de Linco]
Grandma Gini (again): $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco from the Land of Lincoln"]
Petra (again): $5 ["Happy Cinco de Linco. Treatment IS possible, enormous progress CAN be made!!!"]
Alida: $5 ["May God bless your journey to recovery Elisha & Ethan!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $46 ["In memory of Tori's parents' wedding Sept. 8, l963."]
Rhea: $20 ["ethan and lisha hope this little amount will help. love u both!"]
Grandma Gini (again): $13 ["Happy Grandparents' Day on September 13!"]
Julia: $20
Jeanne (again): $5 ["Cinco de Linco"]
Evan & Lisa: $10
Jeanne (again): $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco!"]
Petra (again): $10 ["Happy Cinco de Linco!"]
Julia (again): $10 [Cinco de Linco]
Arlene: $25
Grandma Gini (again): $22 ["To celebrate Peggy Vogelsinger's birthday on November 22, 2009, Keep smiling!"]
Roger: $50
Grandma Gini: $28 ["To celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of Jean & Jim Ashbrook on Nov. 28, 2009"]
Angela S: $10
Joan: $25
Sheryl: $10 ["Early Cinco de Linco"]
Karen F (again): $15
Michaela & Jaafar: $24


November 30, 2009: This loan has been funded!

December 1, 2009: Promissory note sent to Abigail for signature.

December 8, 2009: Signed promissory note received.

December 9, 2009: Loan of $810 sent to Abigail via check in the mail. This loan is scheduled to be repaid over 18 months, starting on January 15, 2010. The first loan installment due will be $45.

January 10, 2010: 1st repayment of $45 (due January 15) received, early.

February 12, 2010: 2nd repayment of $45 (due February 15) received, early.

March 8, 2010: 3rd repayment of $45 (due March 15) received, early.

April 16, 2010: 4th repayment of $45 (due April 15) received, on-time.

May 19, 2010: 5th repayment of $45 (due May 15) received, late.

June 9, 2010: 6th repayment of $45 (due June 15) received, early.

July 13, 2010: 7th repayment of $45 (due July 15) received, early.

August 13, 2010: 8th repayment of $45 (due August 15) received, early.

August 26, 2010: Update from Abigail: "Finally Elisha and Ethan were able to see a DAN! doctor. Both kids have yeasty guts so they have started antifungals this week! They still need the IgG food allergy test and heavy metal toxicity test. Thank you Tori and to our lenders for making it possible for my kids to recover, I am forever grateful..."

September 17, 2010: 9th repayment of $45 (due September 15) received, late.

October 17, 2010: 10th repayment of $45 (due October 15) received, late.

November 14, 2010: 11th repayment of $45 (due November 15) received, early.

December 15, 2010: 12th repayment of $45 (due December 15) received, on-time.

January 17, 2011: 13th repayment of $45 (due January 15) received, late.

February 18, 2011: 14th repayment of $45 (due February 15) received, late.

March 10, 2011: 15th repayment of $45 (due March 15) received, early.

April 12, 2011: 16th repayment of $45 (due April 15) received, early.

May 17, 2011: 17th repayment of $45 (due May 15) received, late.

May 17, 2011: 18th repayment of $45 (due June 15) received, early.

June 5, 2011: This loan has been repaid in full, early!

June 5, 2011: Original loan amounts have been repaid to lenders via PayPal.

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Christina Karl said...

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