Make a Microloan for 8-yr old Brandon's Health!

This loan has been forgiven

First Posted On: January 31, 2009

Name: Brandon

Age: 8 years old

Diagnosis: Autism

Loan Sought: $500

Loan Needed For: Initial visit to DAN! [Defeat Autism Now!] doctor. The family will be seeing Dr. Kenneth Bock at the Rhinebeck Center in the early spring.

Repayment Terms: 18 months (~ $27.78/month) [4/4/09: Revised to one lump sum in 18 months]

Other Notes: Brandon's mom, Sherri, writes, "Brandon is a beautiful 8 year old boy who is a loving child that with biomedical treatment would be able to open up and come out of his own world. He was diagnosed about 4 years ago with Autism. He was developing normally until his dad left for Iraq. A month after Dad left he stopped talking. I was approached by some school officials and was set up with a full evaluation. The outcome was, as you know, Autism. I had to tell my husband while he was deployed, in Iraq, and it was the hardest thing to do. Not only was I dealing with a 5 year old daughter, who missed her daddy, and the fact that my husband was in a War zone, I also had to deal with Brandon's diagnosis by myself. All our family were 1,000's of miles away. It has been a long, tough road but Brandon has made some progress. He is now in an Autism support classroom, with wonderful teachers, but we want to take a different direction. We would like to take him to a DAN! doctor. That's when I was emailed this site by my dad. I am hoping that with the kind generosity of others that we will be able to travel this new direction and see even more progress out of Brandon. He is definitely the light of our life. Even though he cannot talk he expresses to us through actions and affection that he is in there.

Reference Provided By: Jessica W. and Gina B.

Brandon's Community of Lenders:

Jan: $285
Steven S.: $20
Karen: $20
Andy: $175


February 4, 2009: Brandon's loan has been fulfilled! :)

February 20, 2009: (I had been unable to make contact with Sherri but finally found her through one of her references. She had changed her phone number.) Promissory note sent to Sherri for signature.

March 3, 2009: Sherri wrote to ask if her repayments could begin in April 2009.

April 1, 2009: I sent a note to Sherri letting her know that her first repayment was due in two weeks but she still has not yet received the loan, so I asked her how she would like to proceed.

April 1, 2009: Signed promissory note received.

April 2, 2009: Sherri requested beginning payments in May 2009 since the first loan repayment was due in two weeks but she hadn't yet received the loan, and because of some difficult times currently in her personal life. I suggested that, instead of 18 monthly payments, we revise her loan repayment to one lump sum in 18 months, so that she could get some things straightened out in her personal life without worrying about a monthly payment. She agreed. (Note: I will let her lenders know of this and will ask them to let me know if they have any concerns about this change.)

April 4, 2009: Loan disbursed ($500) via check in the mail.

July 23, 2011: This loan has been forgiven. No repayment installments were made, so Brandon's lenders will receive no funds back. We wish Brandon well!

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