I started Lend4Health almost 6 months ago, at the end of June. As many of you know, I started it without much research or thought going into it -- I just thought it was a good idea and could help some families out.

Well, thanks to all of you, Lend4Health is working! Today, we had our 20th loan funded -- that's 20 families able to get further along in their journeys to help their children.

To date, (you won't believe this number), we have collected $11,111 in loans! WOW! That's a lot, especially considering these dollars are often coming in as $5 and $10 amounts!

Of those 20 loans fulfilled, 11 of them are in the process of being repaid. And of those 11, 79% of their loan repayments have been made early or on-time. The Lend4Health loan recipients are working hard to make sure they repay their loans ontime so that the circle of "paying it forward" can continue.


Currently, we do not have ANY loans open on Lend4Health! In some ways that's a good thing because it means we're successfully helping families. On the other hand, though, it's a bad thing, because anybody who wants to make a loan can't -- there's nobody to make a loan to! AND, as the current loans are repaid, there will be money available for previous lenders to re-loan to new borrowers!

So please pass word along on your yahoo groups, your Facebook groups, your blogs, and on Twitter that we need some more loan requestors! I am getting rid of my previous "rule" to only do 5 open loans at a time -- I'll put up there as many as I get!!!

Let's get another 20 loans up on Lend4Health!!!

Thank you to everybody for helping make Lend4Health work!

Tori :)

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K Fuller said...

This is a very worthwhile program. Congratulations on your good deed.