I'm Trying Not To Take This Personally But . . .

[posted 9/18/08]

Where is everybody this week? We haven't had a loan made since Monday the 18th. And I have two spots open for new loan requests . . . just waiting for YOU!

Getting Bored?
I know that the loans we currently have up on the site are for high dollar amounts. Many of you have written me off-line to tell me you think that these high dollar amounts are causing some stagnation on the site because they take so long to fulfill, and you are seeing the same (cute) kids day after day.

The End of the Beta Test . . .
I've decided that once these three posts are fulfilled (Jonah, Ethan & Alex, and Adam), we will move to only having the smaller amounts up on the site (I'm thinking $0 - $500 is "small"). These should get funded more quickly and the site will be more "active." I am now thinking of these last three posts as the end of the Lend4Health "beta" testing phase. I have learned much since I started this blog on June 27.

What the Future May Hold
If/when Lend4Health gets bigger and we have 1,000 loan requests per day getting fulfilled, then it will be okay if some of them are higher dollar amounts.

New Website on the Way!
I do have a new website in the works. Once it's done I plan on sending out some press releases to spread the word about the site.

Lend4Health at the DAN! Conference
I also will be attending the DAN! conference in San Diego at the end of October and will be trying to generate interest in the site then.

We're in This Together
So please stick with me and hang in there as I learn as we go. Make a little loan, and let's see if we can get these sweet boys funded quick.

I'm not done with this site until you are....

I would love your feedback. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about Lend4Health. THANKS!


Megan said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me. We're making it work though, and I'd rather the spot go to someone who really needs it.

Petra said...

Babe, I'm with ya all the way and I agree with everything you said.

So, what can -I- do to help out on getting these outstanding loan requests filled (beyond pitching in yet once again.. which right now, although I much want to, cannot do - beyond a couple of bucks that is)?

I'll link from my blog to your notice... My plea to anybody that pops in here .. please pitch in a few more dollars to each loan.. we got to get things moving again...

Tori said...

Petra - If you are surfing the web this weekend, or visiting any blogs that you like, please ask the blogger to check out Lend4Health and to consider doing a post on it. The more people who see it, the higher possibility of one of them making a loan.

Thanks sweetie!
Tori :)

Petra said...

Will do... Let the *advertising* begin...

angie said...

I dont think that the lower 'attendance' this last week and a half has anything to do with the site at all, its 'back to school' time, and I know personally, this week has just been about school, I havent had time to breathe, let alone go online really...yikes!

I am devided in my thoughts about the loan amounts, I mean everyone needs different things, and everyone is in different treatment areas/plans, ya know? I think that the amount has nothing really to do with the amount of traffic or anything...

I feel guilty that our loan amount is so big, but I couldt seperate the loans for the boys, I mean, if one got funded and the other didnt, how would I even 'choose' who got the testing first,ya know, and at first I felt a little dim about even getting funded, at least in a reasonable amount of time, and also people getting 'bored' seeing my cutie pies faces..LOL! I think that this site is taking off, LOOK at where it is now, LOOK at the GREAT things that have alread been done! I am SO VERY THANKFUL to you for starting this, your hard work, the hard work of everyone helping, and also each and every PENNY that is going to our loan..its amazing! TRUElY AMAZING!

I think that the time is coming for this site to BLAST OFF! I really do! Lets all keep pounding the pavement and internet highway to get the word out...I know this is going to be BIG...it already has been HUGE to the families that are in process of getting loans and also who have gotten their loans...
Heck, if no one ever gets one more penny (totally not possible in my eyes) just think of the BIG things you and everyone here has done for the cause already! HUGE!

Keep your head up, its a GREAT site!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Jeanne said...


What an awesome post! I totally agree with you and if I had been in your shoes I would have chosen to do things just the way you did.

I think the loan amounts are fine, they're just going to take a little longer.

As far as traffic being down, there is a lot going on right now - school starting up, the flu going around, the Maloney Briefing in DC Wednesday.

I think the site will pick up again by the end of the week. I have a couple of ideas I am working on, but can't get to them until Wednesday because I'm working on the Maloney briefing (helping out with phone calls and faxes) Monday and Tuesday.

Tori, you're doing such a great thing here. I think you just got busy with stuff, and so did everyone else. I noticed when Petra brought it back out into the limelight, loans picked up again.

What you focus on grows.

Keep up the good work. Things will pick up again soon.


Petra said...

Rattling the bushes a bit more today (and then will have to take a break as I have a crazy busy week ahead..)

And Angie, I hear you. I HAD to make the decision to first get the SNP info on one boy, and then the other. It was torture; although I have to say that getting results back for one boy and knowing what SNP contributes to what issue, I was able to get pretty far in *guessing* the SNPs for the other one. Also, as I am sure you know, there's a lot you can get started on (the basics of Step 1) while you are working on getting funding for the testing, as the basics of Step 1 are applicable to ALL genomics.