Monthly PayPal Fees & Sponsors

[originally posted on 1/2/09]

Aside from the hands-on time required to keep this site going, the primary administrative costs of Lend4Health right now are the fees charged by PayPal when a loan or loan repayment is made.

In December 2008, I offered a long-time Lend4Health supporter/lender, Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Dives, to help the site by covering these fees. They readily accepted, and sponsors for January 2009 and February 2009 have happily come on board. Here, I will be posting each month's PayPal fees and who the generous sponsor was (as applicable).

To learn more about how PayPal computes fees, click HERE. (Note: Lend4Health has a Business/Premier account.)

June 2008: $5.43 - Karen F. [paid]

July 2008:
$47.26 - no sponsor

August 2008: $146.15 - no sponsor

September 2008: $84.10 - no sponsor

October 2008: $83.13 - no sponsor

November 2008: $89.46 - Jennifer P. [paid]

December 2008: $34.28 - Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Dives [paid]

January 2009: $155.75 - Steven [pledged, as of yet unpaid]

February 2009: $175.53 - AutismActionPlan.org [paid]

March 2009: $244.40 - Amy P. [paid]

April 2009: $111.23 [est] - MaryBeth Nance, The Delta Doula (partial sponsorship of $50 in memory of her son, Mason, whose birthday was April 1)

May 2009: no sponsor yet

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