Never Underestimate the Generosity of a Stranger

[announcement posted on 8/30/08]

My hubbie and I bought a new couch and were trying to get rid of the old one. It was a sofabed -- over $1,000 when we bought it. I tried to sell it on Craig's List. Lots of interest, no takers. I tried to Freecycle it. Again, interest but no takers. So I tried the Free section on Craig's List. Tons of interest, tons of people lined up. Nobody actually took it. Then a guy named Kelvin came into my life (well, kind of, I've never met him). He wanted the couch. He had a truck. He had burly buddies to haul it. On a rainy Friday, he came and got the couch (which was outside in the rain with tarps over it). I later emailed him to thank him for taking it and to make sure it wasn't too wet from the rain. He replied that it was great. So then I got a little ballsy. I wrote him back and said, "I know the couch was free, but if you want to "pay" for it, go to Lend4Health and make a loan for a child who needs help." I pushed SEND and was sure the mystery man Kelvin would be sitting on his new couch laughing at my naivite. But whaddaya know? Five minutes later, in comes a $5 loan for Adam.

So if you are a skeptic. If you are a cynic. If the world has shat on you a few too many times. Just check out this site and see what's going on. It's really powerful stuff.

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