Make a Microloan for 2-yr old Jonathan's Health!

This loan has been repaid!

Jonathan's parents have decided to sell their car to pay for their first DAN! doctor appointment. They have asked (and I agreed) to use the loans received to date for Jonathan's IgG food sensitivity test.
So, our first Lend4Health loan has been distributed! Thanks to all who lent money! Please stay tuned, as Jonathan's mom will be providing updates that I will post here.

Name: Jonathan Grant

Age: 2 1/2 years old

Diagnosis: Autism (mild-moderate)

Loan Sought: $835

Loan Needed For: $475 for lab tests (stool test, yeast culture and sensitivity, heavy metals, urine) plus $360 for first DAN! doctor visit.

Repayment Terms: Loan will be repaid in one lump sum in February 2009.

Other Notes: I know every mother must think this, but he is the sweetest child alive. Even being diagnosed, he is still so loving and affectionate. His nickame is "boogie" because when he hears music he likes, he will dance (shake his cute little booty). It sooooo cute! He often does it at dinner when we're listening to music with dinner. You look over and he's just dancin' away in his booster seat.

Loans Received as of 3:30pm EDT Friday, July 25, 2008

Karen: $25
Anonymous1: $5
Anonymous2: $5
Jean: $50
Cassie: $50
Anthony: $20
Barbara: $25
Dhun: $10
Cathleen: $25
Tim: $20
Amy: $31

Amount Loaned So Far: $266
Amount Still Needed to Receive Loan: $569

A loan in the amount of $266 was distributed to Jonathan's parents on July 26, 2008. Per the loan re-payment terms, the loan will be repaid in full in one lump sum in February 2009.

August 2, 2008: I heard from Jonathan's mom that they have had the blood drawn for the test, and they have sent the money to the lab. The lab will now process the blood, and they should have results back within 2 weeks. We'll keep you updated on the results, so stay tuned!

August 11, 2008: Note from Jonathan's mom: "The pediatrician called me today with the test results. WOW, he is allergic to wheat (big time), rice, corn, eggs, oats, safflower, coconut, and soybean. I'm so glad we got the test done! We hadn't eliminated eggs, safflower, or soybean oil. It also explains why he kept getting constipated on the GFCF diet. I'm so grateful we switched to SCD w/o milk products. . . . Thank you!"

December 1, 2008: Note from Jonathan's mom: "Hi Tori, sorry its taken me so long to write you back. The holidays have kept us really busy. Everything is going great. Jonathan has started Pinnacle Academy, which is a really great school for kids with disabilities, they have really great main-streaming rate. Also we have our first DAN doctor appointment on the third of this month. We decided to phone visit for our first visit since we cannot afford the trip to Miami but we plan on making the actual trip some time in March. We got an awesome grant to cover a lot of bio-med expenses. We're so excited to start his treatment with Dr. Levinson! All in all we're doing great!"

December 4, 2008: Note from Kitty: "The consult went pretty well. We're starting quite a few new supplements, which I'm excited to get going. We're also doing alot of testing. He [Dr. Levinson] was very nice but direct and showed respect to "restricted" finances, lol. The director at Pinnacle Academy specifically recommended him vs another closer DAN doc."

February 11, 2009: Loan repayment of $266 received. This was a lump-sum repayment of the full amount of the loan. This repayment was received 2 weeks early. Jonathan's mom, Kitty, sent the following updated photos of Jonathan:

February 11, 2009: This loan has been fully repaid. The family is considered to be in good standing with Lend4Health and can apply for a second loan with Lend4Health in the future if they choose.

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